About me

My name is Mike McKee and I am a 21 year-old University student. I created this website mainly for the purpose of a school project but also because I have a genuine appreciation for the Twitch.TV live streaming platform. I started on Twitch in early 2017 and have been on it rather diligently since then, but I have always felt like one day the site would be a lot bigger than it is now, big enough to compete even with Goliath's like YouTube. Even with my high hopes for the platform there still seem to be a lot of speed bumps in terms of bringing in new users to the website. This is partially due to the complexity of the Twitch chat and cultures along with the sheer amount there is to learn on the platform. This combined with the massive difference between live streaming entertainment and other traditional media sources, ends up creating even larger barriers for people who are not familiar with Twitch. Many people starting out on Twitch will not be able to  use it to it's fullest potential at first without having someone they can ask questions to or help guide them. It was then when I thought that if only the essential information was organized and updated in a fashion where new users can understand it without knowing background knowledge. Even more than that I thought it could be very beneficial in bringing in these new users and eventually helping the platform grow to it's fullest potential.