New Features

Twitch Basics

Channel Points

This feature only a few weeks old as it was just introduced to the platform recently, and as such is only enabled on certain streamers channels. This feature allows you to accumulate points based on how much time is spent watching a streamer, and those points can then be used to unlock rewards that are chosen by the streamer. Some of the common rewards are; Highlighted messages in chat, ability to talk while in Sub-Only chat mode, editing emotes and more.

Chat Polls

Chat Polls are the most recently introduced feature on this page and is definitely one of the more interesting ones as well. This feature allows the chat to vote on a topic or question the streamer has purposed and creates an entirely new way to interact with chat. Streamers have used polls outside of the platform to interact with their chat to great success, but the number of voters was never as high as it could be if it was available right on Twitch. This new addition will prove to be universally used across the platform and i predict it will become a user favorite in the near future.

Squad Streaming

Squad streaming has been around for a little while now but is still a relatively new feature that has proven pretty useful and popular for some users. This features allows Twitch Affiliates who may be interacting or playing a game together, to have all their streams and chats available on one tab so that viewers can see all the perspectives and interact with all the streamers at once. There are still a few issues with this that need to be sorted out but for the most part, it works pretty well, especially for multiplayer campaigns, IRL adventures, GTA RP and more.

Twitch Watch Parties

This aspect is more speculation than reality, as this feature has not been introduced fully yet but despite that there has been some very prevalent rumors/discussion of deals from credible sources, showing that something like this might be coming soon. The introduction of watch parties would be the streaming of certain licensed movies that have their rights purchased/owned by Amazon, therefore giving streamers the ability to watch these movies live with their chats (although rumors say it may be Twitch Prime Subscribers only, which could set back it's success). This would be huge for the platform and could add a large amount of interest and hopefully users, but only time will tell.